Upcoming Titles

“Moxie Saves the Day”

(Moxie takes care of the household when Mum gets sick. Everyone in the family thinks the other is doing it and nobody knows it’s really Moxie.)

“Moxie and Chicken and the Easter Bunny”

(Moxie and Chicken dig and wind up face to face with a young rabbit that is in training to become an Easter Bunny.  Moxie and Chicken train with him and earn their ears.)

“Moxie and Chicken and the Leprechaun”

(Moxie and Chicken dig and discover themselves face to face with a real Leprechaun and get three wishes. Moxie discovers what is her greatest wish.)

“Moxie and Chicken dig to the North Pole”

(Moxie and Chicken dig and find themselves at the North Pole.  They get to meet Santa himself and learn all about what happens in order to get ready for Christmas.)

“Moxie and Chicken and the Tooth Fairy”

(Moxie has a sore tooth and when she and Chicken dig, they find themselves meeting a fairy that works for the Tooth Fairy!)

“Moxie and Chicken meet the Mermaid”

(Moxie and Chicken go to Nova Scotia and meet a real Mermaid who gives them a magical kiss so they can visit with her in the bottom of the sea and watch the Merlympics.)

“Moxie and Chicken and the Scardy Ghost”

(Moxie and Chicken dig and find themselves in the land of Hallowe’en.  They meet a ghost who is afraid of Halloween and doesn’t know how to scare people.)