About the Author

I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario.

I have two children that don’t pick up after themselves, leave their dishes in the sink, and are suspicious of flicks of parsley on their plate.  I am a strict Mum, but love my kids to bitts.  They are the centre of my universe and don’t know that sometimes I still watch them sleep. (sorry kids if you are reading this)

I loved to write short stories and poems to celebrate, or help me though life. The stories  started to shift as soon as Moxie came into our lives in 2008.  There is nothing better that making a child laugh with a crazy story about what the new family puppy did while the kids were at school.  Exciting adventures were far more fun to share instead of why I was thinking of exchanging her for a cat because she just ingested my favourite pair of Italian shoes!

I always believed in the pureness of heart in animals and was often teased by my brothers for it.  I wanted to pursue animal therapy work with my  last dog, but being a Weimaraner,  he was too hyper to succeed. He was an amazing dog, and great with people but to put it simply, he was as crazy as a squirrel collecting nuts for winter!

If you have never seen what animal therapy can do for people, it is incredible.  The saddest people smile, the angry people melt.  That feel good feeling floods back into people when they have contact with a fuzzy creature.  Serotonin (the feel good hormone) is released promoting the body to heal faster.  My hero for the application of this is Hunter Patch Adams, the founder of “The Gesundheit  Institute” in West Virginia.  Robin Williams stared in a movie about him and who else could make it so brilliant.   Check out all the wonderful things Patch has done on his web site: http://www.patchadams.org/

“Remember laughing? Laughter enhances the blood flow to the body’s extremities and improves cardiovascular function. Laughter releases endorphins and other natural mood elevating and pain-killing chemicals, improves the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to internal organs.

Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells as well as viral, bacterial and other infections. Being happy is the best cure of all diseases!”

— Patch Adams

Moxie’s gentle soul makes her peruse of therapy work through St John’s Ambulance a perfect fit. She is a registered Therapy Dog with St John’s, and loves her job!  She is also certified “child friendly”.  If I can make one sad kid giggle by acting like a goof ball, my heart grows.

Moxie’s therapy work training was a lot of work. This was a tough journey for both of us.  It has taken extreme dedication, but the end result has been more than my heart could have ever imagined.

I love taking on new projects that help people.  I founded a charity called “Winter Wears” which collects old snow suits, hats, mitts and boots, cleans and labels them and delivers them to school with kids in need.  Every kid should be wearing warm enough clothing to get to school.

One year, after dropping to a school a teacher told me she had watched a kid play in the snow in the school yard for the first time.  It felt so good to do something so easy that actually helped make a difference.  I have done it with my kids for four years now.  They help me fold and label and package according to size. It’s awesome that they contribute.

The stories keep growing, and I will keep you posted on what is coming to the shelves.  In the mean time, please have fun with the site with your kids and I encourage them to write to Moxie who despite the fact doesn’t have any thumbs, will write back.

Life is an adventure, and boy are we enjoying it.  We have our ups and downs and one heck of a learning curve along the way, but keep trudging along.

I hope you like this web site.  It is growing with Moxie and your feedback is appreciated.

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting.