About Moxie

All About the real Moxie…

Moxie is two years old and lives with her family in Toronto.
She is very loving and adventuresome.

Her name was decided upon while we were down in Florida. I overheard someone talking about the family dog and saying that “boy, that dog has got a lot of moxie!”

Moxie is defined as:

–noun Slang.

1.  vigour; verve; pep.

2.  courage and aggressiveness; nerve.

3.  skill; know-how.

I always knew that I wanted a Portuguese Water Dog and was thrilled to find such a lovely breeder.  Her concept was that you don’t choose your dog, your dog chooses you.

We went weekly when the puppies were born and each visit, found one dog in our laps with every visit.  She was to be ours…or, more than likely, we were to be hers.

What a wonderful addition to our family.

I hope to hear from kids and parents.  Please send email to: moxie@moxiethedog.com

Her website will grow with games and news of new books all of which will have the “Moxie Stamp of Approval” for safety.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Happy reading,

Carolyn Robinson

Name: Moxie 

Age: 2

Birthday: May 12.

Favourite ColourPink

Favourite Books: Anything about dogs, squirrels, and especially my books. 

Favourite Movies: Old Yeller, Lassie, Good Boy and Legally Blonde (that little dog was brilliant)

Favourite Things: Bones, socks,   nice shoes, blueberries

Favourite Friend: Chicken is my BCF (best chicken forever)

Favourite Quote:“Woof    Woof!”

“Treat Moxie?”

“More treats Moxie?”

Favourite Things: I love anything that begins with the letter “M” (Moxie, meatballs, mud, marvelous, me)

My Favourite Music:

Anything by Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Chet Baker, or Jamie Callum.  I also love old Billy Joel, Supertramp and Madonna when I have my head out the car window.

My favorite links: